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We need your help to get more people involved in the Big Butterfly Count. The more participants, the more we learn about butterflies and moths and how they are faring. This means we can plan and target our work where it is needed most.

What Can I Do?

Hold an event for your friends and family to make them aware of the Big Butterfly Count or use an existing social meeting or club to spread the message.

Butterflies are beautiful and finding one is a delight. Share your enthusiasm and encourage people you know to get out for the count.

Need Some Inspiration?

BarbecueBarbecue For Butterflies

Invite friends and family over to spend time in your garden. Hand out some ID sheets and look out for butterflies as you dine al fresco –if you are hosting a barbecue don’t forget to use butterfly-friendly charcoal from sustainable woodlands (look for the FSC logo). You can support butterfly-friendly farmers by buying food from retailers and farm shops where they identify the source of their products.


PicnicPicnic In The Park

Organise a picnic in your local park. Play some games to work up an appetite then spend 15 minutes seeing who can spot the most butterflies before you sit down to eat. Divide people up into teams and cover different areas of the park or all work together to identify as many species as possible from the Big Butterfly Count chart.


Girl with butterfly mask Butterfly Play-date

Invite your children’s friends over for some butterfly themed fun. Download our craft activity sheets, have a butterfly colouring competition or bake some butterfly cakes and then round everyone up for a butterfly hunt outside.  Send each child home with an ID sheet so they can do another Big Butterfly Count with their own family.


Tea partyButterfly Tea Party

Hand out ID sheets to your work colleagues. Give them a week to complete their count then bring butterfly cakes into work. Anyone who has taken part and submitted their results can have a sweet treat with their afternoon tea! Or why not send out the butterfly cake recipe sheet and have a workplace bake off to raise awareness of the Count?


butterfly walkJoin In With Us

Butterfly Conservation will be running more than 100 events across the UK during the Big Butterfly Count. Search our events listings to find out what's on near you. Come along to a guided walk and our expert volunteers will introduce you to the butterflies in your area and the best places to go butterfly-spotting.


BBC poster on village noticeboardBe A Social Butterfly

Don’t forget to use existing social networks to spread the word. Please put up a poster at your local library or on your notice-board at work. Take some charts to your golf club, WI meeting, school or Scout camp and help us save butterflies by being a Big Butterfly Count ambassador.


Useful Resources

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Big Butterfly Count poster

Big Butterfly Count chart

Event poster (blank for your details)

Butterfly cake recipe

Butterfly colouring sheet

Butterfly mask for children

Make some mini flags

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